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Our Mission 

Since 2013, we have made it our mission to help fledgling and established businesses go online to take advantage of an ever-expanding digital economy and make new connections with customers. We have succeeded in those goals nearly a decade into our mission and thousands of happily satisfied customers later.  

Our Values

Customer service is at the top of our priority. In fact, we live to serve our customers. Loyalty, fidelity, honesty, and transparency, are corporate virtues that guide our corporate philosophy to keep our customers satisfied. 

Our Founder

Prymus Web was founded in 2013 by Eric Smith and is headquartered in Worcester, Massachusetts. Eric is passionate about equity in technology. We believe that the digital economy has given fledgling businesses the opportunity to compete with larger enterprises in the hotly contested race for new customer acquisition. There is no other time in the history of business where that is possible, and Prymus Web is proud to be your partner as your digital footprint expands.